John Hamilton, MSME PE, is a registered professional engineer with a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a full-time faculty member of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Mechanical Engineering department. In this position he is responsible for teaching undergraduate mechanical engineering courses and for coordinating the department's distance learning program located at Fort Smith, Arkansas. He has also taught at John Brown University.

Previously Mr. Hamilton worked as a full-time consulting engineer assisting professionals in both industry and the legal community by serving as a consultant and as an expert witness. As an expert, Mr. Hamilton has evaluated hundreds of consumer, industrial and agricultural incidents related to safety, machine guarding and mechanical engineering.

He has worked in industry as a manufacturing and plant engineer and has been responsible for the safety of an industrial plant with over 300 employees, where he designed guards and worked extensively with plastic injection molding machines amongst many other industrial safety responsibilities.

In his teaching career, Mr. Hamilton has been able to educate and communicate with non-technical as well as technical students. This has been of great value in his being able to explain difficult principles to those in the legal profession and to the general public.

Mr. Hamilton is devoted to educating the next generation of engineers. He has developed and teaches a senior level Mechanical Engineering course entitled “Designing for Safety.” In this class he teaches principles of safe design such as the hierarchy of design, warnings usage, machine guarding and various hazard analysis techniques. He is in charge of senior design projects, where he guides students as they complete design projects to assist local manufacturers.

Mr. Hamilton provides consulting services, including that as an expert witness, on a limited basis to industries, individuals, and attorneys who need assistance in industrial safety and machine design issues.

John H. Hamilton

“John is imminently likable to a jury.” — Client Comment